The recycled PET bottle rug collection

Kindly handmade to last

THE DIAMOND RUG /  4 sizes in 4 colours 


The recycled PET-yarn collection.

Handmade Rugs that bring new life to post-consumer plastic bottles.

Finally there is a way to do something about the vast amounts of discarded plastic bottles. Apart from Western Europe, Canada, Australia and the USA, you generally can’t drink tap water, and used plastic bottles are polluting around our globe.


Our innovative business partners have found a technique to recycle these plastic bottles, creating hair thin threads of polyester yarn. The threads are super soft and to our experienced eyes indiscernible from wool. 


The designers were delighted, and have enjoyed their close cooperation with skilled, CSR-oriented craftsmen. They handmake the Formgatan recycled PET-yarn rugs for you. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.


We take our responsibility seriously. We work only with partners who share our commitment to the highest standards for certification and sustainability. All Formgatan PET yarn rugs are manufactured in compliance with SA8000 under the BSCI code of conduct.


THE LOOP RUG / 5 sizes in 4 colours 

THE MELANGE RUG /  4 sizes in 3 colours 


THE LOOP RUG /  5 sizes in 4 colours 


STRIPE RUGS /  4 sizes in 2 colours