A 100% recycled glass vase series designed by Matias Moellenbach. ​


the beauty of recycling

​​​The Flow Collection

The design collaboration with danish designer Matias Moellenbach grew out of a shared vision of design that matters and makes a difference. Where attention is paid to materiality and durability - over time. The Flow Vase Collection is mouth blown in 100% recycled glass to utilize waste material and recreate its value.


​​Inspired by the poetic nature of the ever changing ocean.

The sculptural Flow collection embodies the constant movement of water with its ripples, waves and curves.


​​The design plays with the characteristics of traditional paper vases by mimicking its two-sidedness. This is emphasized by each side having unique hand-engraved angled ridges that beautifully bends the light and distorts the view. Being hand-blown in recycled material, these vases will have variation in size, shape, and color — making each one special.

Flow 02 and Flow 01, Clear

The Flow Collection

Flow, Smoked

The Flow Collection

Flow 01, Clear

Flow 01, Mocha

Flow 02, Clear

Flow 02, Mocha

Flow 03, Clear

Flow 03, Mocha

Creating new value from the valueless

We should always, when creating new objects consider the impact these objects have on our earth and environment. It actually makes a difference. Recycling glass is one of the many ways we can help reduce both pollution and waste. Compared to making glass from raw materials for the first time, recycled glass melts at a lower temperature. As less energy is required for melting the glass cullet, less CO2 is emitted.

Let the Flow collection embody the beauty of recycling.

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