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Design and quality
The CORK products are created by our Nordic designers and are made from the highest quality Portuguese cork grains to ensure a beautiful finish and a solid durability. This focus on quality lets you use your products for many years to come.


Cork products are complety natural - and the production is environmentally friendly and truly sustainable. The cork oak is the only tree that is able to regenerate its bark. A cork tree has a lifespan of more than 200 years old. The careful harvest of cork takes place every 9 years and does not harm the tree.

And - an added bonus - cork oak woodlands have been used for centuries to produce cork and graze livestock, making them a true haven for wildlife.


Beautiful. Useful. Every day

Select from 4 varieties of exquisite cork products:

Coasters - 4 per package, diameter 100mm, height 7mm

Bottle coaster - diameter 115mm, height 12mm


Trivets come in 3 sizes:

Diameter 119mm, Diameter 220mm and Diameter 250mm

with a height of 10 mm

Why do we love cork so much?


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